Zoran Dukić (1969, Zagreb) is teaching at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague since 1997 and has himself studied with Darko Petrinjak in Zagreb and Hubert Käppel in Cologne.

In his “tour de force” competition years (1990-1997) Zoran Dukić has won an astonishing number of competitions. He is the only guitarist to have won both “Andrés Segovia” competitions, in Granada and in Palma de Mallorca as well as competitions dedicated to “F. Sor”, “M. Ponce”, “M. de Falla”, “F. Tárrega” among many others. This in addition to his unique expressiveness and poetry on the guitar launched his worldwide career and he is now considered one of the most distinguished guitarists of today. He has recorded compact discs and DVDs for labels in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, England, Croatia and Canada. Zoran Dukic is also a very active chamber music performer and a member of the “European Guitar Quartet”, “Croatian Guitar Quartet” and duo with Aniello Desiderio. He is a D’Addario artist since 2011.

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