The Alpha defines the starting point of professional acoustic amplification at AER. Based on the success and the experience with the Compact 60 we developed an even smaller lightweight model that has no difficulties living up to the rigors of the road. Open sounding and quick in response, this amp masters diff erent ranges and is thus not afraid of bigger instruments.

Input one combined XLR/6.3 mm (1/4”) input jack socket as high-quality line- or balanced microphone input stage, 48 V phantom power, gain control Input two 6.3 mm (1/4”) input jack socket as high impedance line input stage with pad (high/low attenuation) 9 V phantom power and gain control Equalizer three band tone controls Colour ‘mid-cut-treble-boost’-fi lter Eff ects digital reverb Power amp 40W / 4 ohms, dynamic control Speaker system 8” (200 mm) twin cone speaker Features headphones, line out, DI-out, external eff ect loop via send and return, footswitch (internal/external eff ect on/off).

Dimensions 260 mm x 265 mm x 235 mm (10.24“ x 10.43“ x 9.25“) HxWxD Weight 6,2 kg (13.7 lbs)


All further information is available:
Zita EÖTVÖS coordinator
Phone: +36 30 289-1239